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Common Questions

Why obtain Senior Leader Certified?
  • Gain an analytical Edge
  • Build a Knowledge Base in Management & Leadership
  • Stand from the Crowd
  • Best Value to Money
  • To Gain Practical Edge
  • Internationally Recognized Certified
  • Learn Management Tools & Techniques
  • Get another master's degree within 06 months.
  • Move up to Doctoral programs with scholarship.
Who can join to receive Senior Leader Certified?

Conditions to apply for Senior Leader Certified:

  • Hold a Master's Degree from an accredited and recognized university.
  • Have a level 7 diploma in administration, management, and leadership from one of the government-recognized organizations.
Who gives out the Senior Leader Certified?

The Senior Leader Council [UK] is a Senior Leader Certified certification body.

Which university allows you to get 2nd Master's degree within 06 months?

Université Libérale de Paris (Paris-U) is a university directly accredited by the Senior Leader Council [UK]. Candidates with Senior Leader Certified can transfer to the final stage to get another Master's degree within 6 months.

If I want to study for a Ph.D., what do I get from Senior Leader Certified?

Université Libérale de Paris directly recognizes Senior Leader Certified and you are given priority to apply for scholarships up to 95% from Paris-U.

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