Certified Process

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Certified Process

The Senior Leader Certified program is only open to applicants with a Master's degree.

All assessment standards are based on the Senior Leader Apprenticeship Standards of UK.Gov. To achieve Senior Leader Certified, applicants need to provide accurate, truthful, and provable evidence. The Senior Leader Bureau [UK] has the right to terminate Senior Leader Certified results immediately without reimbursing any costs when the candidate violates the provisions signed before applying to the Senior Leader Certified process.



Submit your portfolios

What is Portfolios?

A portfolio is a document that contains a compilation of evidence documenting a learner’s prior experiential learning acquired over time. This education may be formal, informal, or non-formal. The Portfolio is compiled to demonstrate if the learning acquired is pertinent and specific to the program’s body of knowledge/competencies. All formal, non-formal, and informal learning experiences listed in the Portfolio must be supported by documentary evidence. The evidence must be organized and presented by the program’s identified learning outcomes (PLOs).

Make sure accurate

Evaluation criteria for Portfolios

The following generally established evaluation criteria may be used to determine whether the evidence offered in the Portfolio is sufficient and appropriate:



EPA Process

What is End-Point Assessment (EPA)

Applicants for Senior Leader Certified program will be required to document a professional development learning log and work portfolio that is a record of goals, knowledge acquisition and growth, achievement, and professional attributes developed over time and in collaboration with others in the workplace/organization. It will consist of a reflective log not exceeding 4,000 words with appendices consisting of a collection of relevant artifacts to support the achievement of goals, knowledge, behaviors, and attributes aligned to the modules which are taught in your master’s program.


Section 1: Reflective Learning Log

When documenting the reflective learning log for the taught modules on the program, students should focus on the following for each of module: 

Section 2: Evidence based approach for Portfolio

For this section, a short introduction should include evidence in the form of reports, minutes, emails, stakeholder/customer comments, performance reviews, presentations, etc. This list is not exhaustive. The portfolio must have a minimum of one piece of evidence to demonstrate each required body of knowledge, skills, and behavior (KSB) as prescribed and request when you apply for Senior Leader Certified.




What is a Senior Leader Certified report?

The Senior Leader Certified Report is a document that maps the UK government’s Senior Leader Competency to the applicant’s competency. 


Award the Senior Leader Certified or Reject

The Review Board decides to recognize the Senior Leader Certified for qualified candidates and refuses to issue the certificate if the candidate’s profile is unsatisfactory. Candidates who do not meet the requirements are instructed to supplement their profile or fill in any gaps before reapplying the next time. 

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