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Senior Leader Bureau [UK] is a global community of senior leaders that only accepts candidates with a master’s degree from fully accredited institutions. Senior Leader Bureau [UK] is registered in London. We offer:

SENIOR LEADER CERTIFIED are the key to success

In a volatile business environment, being fully recognized for your ability to facilitate career development, global labor mobility is especially important. Senior Leader Bureau [UK] helps candidates with a Master’s degree and management experience to recognize Senior Leader’s capacity. Becoming a Senior Leader Certified helps candidates to:

About Us
About Us

Our Mission

The Senior Leader Bureau [UK] mission is to equip industrial and service sector professionals with comprehensive management and leading expertise through Education, Certification, and Recognition.

Why join Senior Leader Bureau [UK]?

  • To connect with global senior leaders. 
  • To gain knowledge of management & leadership.
  • To become Senior Leader Certified based on the Senior Leader Competency of UK Gov.
  • To stay abreast of Industry Trends.

The Senior Leader Bureau [UK] only accepts applicants with a UK Master’s degree or Level 7 Diploma from accredited and recognized institutions.

The Senior Leader Bureau [UK] applies the UK government’s standards and competency framework for Senior Leader positions.

Employers are involved in creating the standard: Serco (employer chair), Civil Service (employer chair), Acivico (Birmingham City Council), Anglo Educational, Barclays, BT, Balfour Beatty, Barchester Healthcare, Boots UK Ltd, British Army, BBC, CMI, Co-op, DFS, Grant Thornton, Interserve, JRV Associates, KPMG, Morgan Sindell, NHS (Dept of Health), Nestle, Opus Building Services, Pearson, Pendragon plc, Ricoh, Sainsbury’s, Santander UK plc, Speedy Services, Umi Digital, Unipart, United Utilities plc, Virgin Media, Wincanton, XPO Logistics.

Our certified program is independent and recognized by the industries.

Senior Leader Certified is in Level 7 RQF

The Senior Leader Certified standard is based on the Senior Leader (Level 7) Apprenticeship standard of the UK Government. 

Only applicants with a Master’s degree

Senior Leader Certified is only for the candidate who graduated Master’s Degree and has management experience.

Independent assessment or integration into the Master’s program

The Senior Leader Certified is either integrated into the partner university’s Master’s program or granted to applicants who apply independently.

Transfer to another Master’s within 06 months with a scholarship from a partner university

With the support and cooperation of partner universities, candidates with Senior Leader Certified can convert to earn a master’s degree within 6 months with attractive scholarships.

Liability disclaimer

The Senior Leader Bureau [UK] is a non-government and independent council that is a member of the London Academy of Sciences. 

To ensure the full transparency of activities and to avoid misunderstandings affecting the interests of learners and partners, the Senior Leader Bureau [UK] and the London Academy of Sciences itself hereby declare disclaimers in its activities according to the list and statement below.

Candidates are encouraged to check and research sufficient information from reliable sources before applying to the Senior Leader Certified procedure from the LAS/SLC.

General information:
  • The Certified process and standards are based on the government’s recognized competency. However, the certification is independent that does not belong to and is not a part of the UK government.
  • The Senior Leader Certified results and other attached documents are used as a guideline for partner universities to recognize the candidate’s qualification corresponding to the equivalent training programs to transfer to the final stage Capstone Projects to save time and cost. Senior Leader Certified results from the LAS are not working certification, diploma, or equivalent documents.
  • Partner university will award the degree to participants. The London Academy of Sciences and the Senior Leader Bureau [UK] will not award degrees or academic qualifications of any kind.
  • Certified issued by the Senior Leader Bureau [UK] is a professional certification, not an academic qualification. It is used as the competency recognize in the working environment and for a transition purpose to partner universities.
  • The certification issued by the LAS and SLC [UK] does not belong to the Ofqual system and is not allowed to transfer to other universities.
  • Candidates are not permitted to use Senior Leader Assessment Report to transfer to other universities that do not belong to the partner university system or officially recognized university/institute by the LAS and SLC [UK].
  • After being recognized by the partner university, the candidate is now a formal student at the partner university and is admitted to the Capstone Projects stage. Candidates are obliged to comply with the provisions of the partner required when doing the Capstone Projects and other related obligations before and after graduation. The LAS/SLC’s responsibilities will end once the candidates receive a confirmation letter that recognizes them as formal candidates from the partner university and participate in doing the Capstone Projects from the partner university or when the learner drops out of the Senior Leader Certified process.
  • Neither LAS/SLC nor the partner university undertakes anything that is not under their jurisdiction and decision-making right; is responsible for the usage and the recognition of the degree in the workplace and that country, job promotion, immigration opportunities, job opportunities, … after graduation.
  • The LAS has the right to terminate Senior Leader Certified results immediately without reimbursing costs when the candidate violates the provisions signed before applying to the Senior Leader Certified process.
  • If candidates provide fake, false, or inaccurate information in Senior Leader Certified application, the LAS/SLC and partner university has the right to terminate the result (both Senior Leader Certified result and awarded diploma). In this case, the LAS/SLC and partner universities will not reimburse any costs or any additional fee (if any) of any kind. Candidates must be responsible for all risks and damages caused by fake, false, and inaccurate information.
  • Partner university has the right to terminate the student's conduct, do not issue diploma/degree or terminate issue diploma/degree if the candidate violates the provisions signed, as well as violations of academic integrity during or after the study program and doing Capstone Projects stage.
  • The LAS/SLC reserves the right to accept or not accept candidates' Senior Leader Certified applications.
  • The conventional time for the whole procedure is 06 months, only guaranteed when candidates submit a complete application, Portfolios and ensure to complete the End-Point Assessment and Capstone Projects on time. Those who do not comply with the predetermined time frame will not receive a graduation confirmation letter and/or a diploma within 06 months. Candidates will receive a graduation confirmation letter within 01 month from the date of the Capstone Projects result. The diploma will be delivered to the authorized representative office in that country within 02 months. The time to receive a degree will depend on the issuance process, printing, and delivery of the university and express delivery company.
  • The Senor Leader Certified process tuition fee will exclude fees related to the graduation ceremony (if any), diploma delivery fee, and other additional fees unrelated to the Senor Leader Certified process.
  • Senior Leader Certified registration fee is non-refundable in any circumstances.
Not commit as following:
  • No commitment that participating in Senor Leader Certified process is qualified and can take part in the program’s final stage from the partner university if candidates do not meet the standards and regulations.
  • No commitment that participating in the final stage can get the degree/diploma if candidates do not meet the academic standards, financial obligations, and related regulations from the partner university.
  • No commitment about the degree/diploma usage process after the partner university issued, including the recognition in the workplace and the country where the degree is used.
  • No commitment to immigration, job promotion, job opportunities, student visa, or tourism before/during/after graduation and getting a diploma/degree.

Change Career Program exclusive for Senior Leader

To assist senior leaders in quickly adapting to changes in the business environment, the Senior Leader Bureau collaborates with universities to recognize and support candidates who can transfer to another specialized Master’s degree within six months or move up to doctorate programs with scholarships.

Get another master degree

A candidate with a Senior Leader Certified from the Senior Leader Bureau [UK] can obtain a master's degree in another field within six months without having to re-learn the fundamental subjects because their competence has already been evaluated and acknowledged.

Move up to Doctorate with Scholarship

Senior leader Certified satisfies the level 7 performance standards of the UK government's competency framework, allowing students to be prioritized for admission to Ph.D. programs at partner universities.

Scholarship up to 95%

Partner universities of the London Academy of Sciences award scholarships with priority to candidates who already hold a Senior Leader Certified. Up to 95% of tuition fees may be covered by scholarships.

All programs are accredited

The Senior Leader Bureau [UK] and the London Academy of Sciences only collaborate with universities with full accreditation. Thanks to the accreditation and recognition of the degree, graduates of partner university programs can confidently enter the teaching and working environments.

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Full Accredited Qualifications

Senior Leader Certified help you top-up to get another Master’s Degree within 06 months or get a higher degree with scholarships.

What They Say

When you join Senior Leader Bureau [UK], you will not only be recognized for your expertise, but also will you join a network of top managers, expand your knowledge, and get career opportunities.

Review & Assessment Board

We ensure that the approval procedure is equitable and consistent.

Power Legal

Senior Leader Bureau [UK] Review & Assessment Board ensures compliance with our internal standards and also the standard of UK Government for Senior Leader positions.

The Senior Leader Bureau Review Board is made up of a 6-member Board of Directors led by a Secretary-General and a President. Review Board Bi-Annual Assembly takes place in Europe.

Frequently asked questions

Client Popular Question

Why obtain Senior Leader Certified?
  • Gain an analytical Edge
  • Build a Knowledge Base in Management & Leadership
  • Stand from the Crowd
  • Best Value to Money
  • To Gain Practical Edge
  • Internationally Recognized Certified
  • Learn Management Tools & Techniques
  • Get another master's degree within 06 months.
  • Move up to Doctoral programs with scholarship.
Who can join to receive Senior Leader Certified?

Conditions to apply for Senior Leader Certified:

  • Hold a Master's Degree from an accredited and recognized university.
  • Have a level 7 diploma in administration, management, and leadership from one of the government-recognized organizations.
Who gives out the Senior Leader Certified?

The Senior Leader Bureau [UK] is a Senior Leader Certified certification body.

Which university allows to get 2nd Master's degree within 06 months?

Université Libérale de Paris (Paris-U) is a university directly accredited by the Senior Leader Bureau [UK]. Candidates with Senior Leader Certified can transfer to the final stage to get another Master's degree within 6 months.

If I want to study for a Ph.D., what do I get from Senior Leader Certified?

Université Libérale de Paris directly recognizes Senior Leader Certified and you are given priority to apply for scholarships up to 95% from Paris-U.

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