Review & Compliance Board

Review Board

At Senior Leader Bureau [UK], we ensure that the approval procedure is equitable and consistent.

Senior Leader Bureau [UK] Review & Assessment Board ensures compliance with our internal standards and the standard of the UK Government for Senior Leader positions. The Senior Leader Council Review Board is made up of a 6-member Board of Directors led by a Secretary-General and a President. Review Board Bi-Annual Assembly takes place in Europe.

Develope the process

Based on the UK government's Senior Leader Competency Framework, we developed the evaluation system.

Assessment of conformity

We ensure accreditation decisions are up to UK government standards, fair and transparent.

Make a decision to recognize

Review Board decides whether to recognize or deny the result of the senior leader certification.

Continuous improvement

The Review Board continuously enhances the procedure to ensure it is standardized and effective.


Core Principles of Certified

To ensure that the assessment process is consistent with the UK government’s competency framework, and to ensure fairness and transparency, the Review Board applies the following principles:

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