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Common Questions

Why obtain Senior Leader Certified?
  • Gain an analytical Edge
  • Build a Knowledge Base in Management & Leadership
  • Stand from the Crowd
  • Best Value to Money
  • To Gain Practical Edge
  • Internationally Recognized Certified
  • Learn Management Tools & Techniques
  • Get another master's degree within 06 months.
  • Move up to Doctoral programs with scholarship.
Who can join to receive Senior Leader Certified?

Conditions to apply for Senior Leader Certified:

  • Hold a Master's Degree from an accredited and recognized university.
  • Have a level 7 diploma in administration, management, and leadership from one of the government-recognized organizations.
Who gives out the Senior Leader Certified?

The Senior Leader Bureau [UK] is a Senior Leader Certified certification body.

Which university allows you to get 2nd Master's degree within 06 months?

University which has programmatic accreditation from Senior Leader Bureau could accept the senior leader certified when transfer to the final stage to get another Master's degree within 6 months.

If I want to study for a Ph.D., what do I get from Senior Leader Certified?

Only universities has the mutual recognizes with Senior Leader Bureau will accept the Senior Leader Certified holder to study directly into Ph.D. In this case you are given priority to apply for scholarships up to 95% from our university partners.

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